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About Blackhat Technologies

Blackhat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2018 Certified Company .When the act of Digital India started. The aim of the company is to make Bihar a Big software and IT Services zone in the North India. The company started on 28th December 2016. The company finally established well and the company started progressing and also worked for Digital India.

The company provides srvices like –Software Development, Website Development ,Industrial Trainings and all other IT Services across Bihar.The Company has also worked as Human Resource for New Startup of students and consultant for students who were trying to approach a new carrier in IT industry. The company started giving skill Training program to those students who wanted to learn or develop their skills in Computer Science.

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Our Mission+-

This Summer training has big mission. In this world nothing has started without any Aim or Mission. So let us explain you our Mission. we want our country to be on the top of the world and rule everywhere in computer science. Make our country fast as lightning and brighter as sun. for that we all need to stand togeter and need to not only care about ourself just need to care about to make others happy and satisfy with out work and technology. we created this summer industrail training because we want you to learn the real things and get real knowledge about Digital science. we have created best courses for you so you can learn so fast and so far. we want you to be sucessfull in your life so we are taking care of your everything. Our mission is to give you real practical knowledge so you learn more read less. we have high ending labs for you because we don't want our students to regreat anywhere in their life. Our mission is all about you.

Our vision is to make Bihar sucessful in IT Sector. we want our Students to become more sucessfull and advnace in Information Technology. There are lot of ways so show what our vision is really. A better Future. We all know that eveyone want a secure and bright future. And we are helping students to getting internship and a better carrier choice. we are working as a team for our student. we solove your every problem. No matter what is that probelm. Help you in every way. Making you feel confident. This is the important thing that without confident you can't do anything you in future. We help you to gain your confident and specially how to repersent yourself. Always Team work Even steve jobs said one perfect things can be only done by team because you come with idea and lot of new ways to do it. Our main vision is to teach our student to teach them what a teamwork is? And how to fit in the team and do the perfect job done.